Taking the throne

Posted on Sat Mar 16th, 2019 @ 10:58am by Commander James Turner & Lieutenant Ryan Shepherd

Mission: Episode One: The Sleeping Beast
Location: Shuttle enroute to Imperial Ship Yards
Timeline: 16th March 2373

The shuttle had finally come into range of the fleet yard, they had only taken off from Imperial High Command and though a relevantly short journey the Commander hated using shuttles, hated being out of the safety of a warship, he had pissed off a lot of people rising to the ranks and forcing his way into the selection for the new warships. Commander Turner rose from his seat and looked out through the viewing port.. "Ensign, how long does it take this rust bucket to get to Imperial Fleet Yards, it isn't supposed to be a long or difficult journey.. an alien could get us there faster” he turned to face Lt. Shepherd.

The Lieutenant was of broad build, he was as strong as any Klingon and as feared as the Emperor himself… his pale white skin, piercing blue eyes and shaved head gave him a look of an Imperial Marine but Shepherd was an Imperial soldier through and through, having known Lord Turner since his first assignment as an Ensign out of the Academy, he had grown to venerate the Commander and was…as the aliens would put it… a logical choice for Turner’s bodyguard. Though Ryan Shepherd swore his life to protect the Captain’s the deal wasn’t one sided, as bodyguard the Lieutenant had unique access to the ship, he only answered to the Captain – regardless of rank – and was on a fast track promotion path.. if he survived.

Ryan nodded to James and walked slowly over to the pilot, “I suggest you show us your worth keeping around Ensign, otherwise it will be the agony booth.. or worse” and in those words was the break down of the life of a Terran - though true believers that they were the ultimate life in the universe and the rightful heirs to anything they see, their lives wasn’t easy. As a Terran you were expected to earn your breeding, you were to be the shining example of why the Terran race was the heirs to the universe. There is a saying amongst the ‘xenos’ of the galaxy, “A Terrans worse enemy is a Terran” and it was true, in a society built on only the strongest survive, you take what you want and promotion is normally earned by killing your superior.. as a Terran you lived in constant fear and anger..

Terran history was filled with examples, the Empress Sato attack of the 22nd Century a ‘Captain’s woman’ killed her Captain and held the entire Empire at ransom until they proclaimed her Empress, or The Lorca takeover of the 23rd Century where Captain Lorca lead a rebellion against Emperor Georgiou and lead to the downfall of the Sato bloodline.

The Ensign, barely able to contain his anger and fear just nodded. He increased speed to the fleet yards. Lord Turner, who’s family were of ‘noble’ blood and members of the Imperial Court, always carried himself with a sense of arrogance and entitlement. He was of average build, dark hair, blue eyes and a clear English accent. He smirked as watched over the stars not even turning back to look at the pilot.